“Transition Year is an optional one-year, school-based programme between Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. It is designed to act as a bridge between the two by facilitating the smooth transition from the more dependent learning of the Junior Cycle to the more independent self-directed learning required for the Senior Cycle. The Transition Year offers students an opportunity to engage in independent, self-directed learning, to develop general, technical and academic skills, and to mature and develop without the pressure of an examination.” - NCCA (Transition Year)


Idirbhliain in Coláiste na hInse



Idirbhliain was introduced at the first opportunity in Coláiste na hInse in 2011. In 2015 a full course review was undertaken as the course approached its fifth year. Details of this review, along with the actions taken can be found in the Idirbhliain Programme Document found in the Idirbhliain Folder. At present Idirbhliain has an enrolment of 92 daltaí.


Overall Aims

  • To develop independent and self-motivated learners.

  • To foster vocational interest through curriculum and engagement with work place environments.

  • To create an awareness of positive life habits that facilitate both positive learning and healthy mental wellbeing. 

  • To provide an academic foundation in core subjects for study at leaving certificate level.

  • To expose daltaí to disciplines and curricula not previously explored to support with vocational development and transition to leaving certificate cycle. 


Distinction = 80-100%Honour = 60-79% Pass = 40-59%Fail = 0-39%



The use of portfolios and summative interviews now form 20% of the overall assessment. 

Core Subjects 100 Credits
IB Subject Sampling 100 Credits
Half Year Modules 50 Credits
Portfolio & Interview 280 Credits


Idirbhliain 2016/2017

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