Student Council

The Student Council serves as a medium for students to communicate with the people in charge of running the school.

The Student Council is run for the students by the students of the school, and is made up of students who have been elected by their rang group to represent them.

We have representatives from every year in the school and each member is given an equal say in all matters brought up at our monthly meetings.

The student council consists of:

First Year 

* Harry Wilder 

* Beth Heaslip 

* Eve White

* Katie Power

Second Year

* Caitlin Kirwan

* Niall McElearney

* Connor O’Hare (Public Relations)

Third Year

* Tadhg Woods (Public Relations)

* Sarah Gordon

* Sam Skerrit 


* Calem Martin

* Leighton Egan

Fifth Year

* Jennifer Doorley (Treasurer)

* Adam Carvin

* Luke Mooney (Secretary)